Drobb is working with Mikael Theimer, an artist/photographer from Montréal. Theimer founded the Facebook's page Portaits of Montréal which actually has 70k followers. On his page he posts random people that he had took in picture, and he explains who they are. As a Montréal brand, Drobb matches perfectly with a Montréal artist who is connected with Montrealers. A collaboration for a new board is planned for one of the news Spring/Summer 2019 drops.


Drobb has confirmed the next Spring Session: Theimer for March 2019. 

Drobb® made a collaboration with the Canadian/Swiss artist, Frederic Cordier. 

​Frederic studied at the ECAL/Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne. He actually does engravings of spots in Montréal. Frederic gave himself the challenge to make a design inspired of his engravings which fits on a board. 

Skateboard + Art = 

The founder of Drobb, Liam Roch won the Desjardins Group price "Coup de Coeur du Jury" to be one of the youngest entrepreneur in Montréal. In fact, he founded Drobb Skateboards™ when he was 14. 

The Montreal clothing brand Dime® has made a spotbook of all the best skateboard spots in town. All separate in five categories, Downtown, Uptown, East, West, South. Find them on their website :